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Dr. Rachel-Shlomit Brezis

Rachel S. Brezis, PhD, is a developmental psychologist specializing in autism – at the nexus of biological, psychological and cultural constraints. Dr. Brezis received a BA in Psychology and Amirim Interdisciplinary Honors Program from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem in 2006 and a PhD in Comparative Human Development from the University of Chicago in 2011. Her main research interest focuses on autism as a case study for understanding the neuropsychological bases of cultural development. Her dissertation work examined the development of social and non-social memory in children and adolescents with autism, using qualitative interviews, clinical assessments and fMRI. She was then awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Foundation for Psychocultural Research at the University of California, Los Angeles, and directed a series of research projects on children and adults with autism in India in collaboration with Action for Autism, the National Center for Autism, India.

Dr. Brezis joined the IDC in 2014, where she brings to bear her two passions – for autism research and contact improvisation dance – to further our understanding of interpersonal motor synchronization in autism and its relation to social and communication skills. She is currently directing a research project examining the motion patterns of adults with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders during an open-ended improvisational game, for which she was awarded the German-Israel Foundation (GIF) Young Investigator Award. She is further co-directing an evaluation study of a mindfulness-based biofeedback intervention for adults with autism living in the Beit-Ekstein network of group homes.

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Video talks

An introduction to autism: a 1.5h seminar in English and Russian

Joint improvisation in autism: a 15-min talk in English given at the Science of Joint Improvisation Conference in Paris

Podcasts (in Hebrew)

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In the popular media

Le-Monde, June 2016: an Interview for the article “The Israeli society opens its doors to people with autism” (in French).


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